Selling for Impact

Deliver impact to your customers through effective conversations, provocative discovery, and win-win trading.
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Why should I take this course?

As an Account Executive, learn the key skills you need to bring more impact to your customers—including how to have more effective conversations, use best practices in discovery and demo, and orchestrate late-stage conversations to close.

Great for those new to their role and/or those committed to honing their technique.


Course Format


  • AEs who are handling opportunities through close
  • Managers of AEs
  • SDRs rising into an AE role
  • 8 hours live instruction; one 2-hour session each week
  • Delivered via Zoom video conference
  • Exclusive access to blueprints, videos, and exercises
  • Industry-recognized certification
  • Maximum number of learners: 25

Course Schedule

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Learners engage with their certified Trainer in an experiential learning format, with 8 hours of live instruction including role plays, breakouts, and recurring revenue frameworks applied to real-world situations. Each learner receives access to our learning management platform for concept reinforcement through videos and frameworks.

Week 1:
The SaaS Sales Method

Module 1
Sales as a Science Methodology

Learn how sales has changed and the moments that matter.

Module 2
The Science of Effective Communication

Learn how to communicate effectively with customers by changing your tone and asking questions.

Week 2:

Module 3
Blueprint for a Perfect Discovery Call

The structure of a professional meeting that motivates customers to schedule next steps so deals do not go dark.

Module 4
Diagnose with Question-Based Selling

Learn how to diagnose a customer using question-based selling.

Week 3:

Module 5
Driving Impact & Urgency with Critical Event

Create urgency by helping the customer to identify critical events and the impact of your solution.

Module 6
Prescribe Through Storytelling

Increase customer buy-in by telling compelling and memorable stories.

Week 4:

Module 7
How to Prescribe with a Demo

Prescribe your solution with a customized demo to drive engagement and urgency to move forward.

Module 8
Trade vs Negotiate

How to create win-win trades instead of getting beat down on the price.
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To learn more about the instructors and curriculum, visit the Winning By Design course website.

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