Overcoming Customer Indecision with the JOLT Effect

Acquire the specific toolset for how to overcome a buyer’s indecision—learning specific strategies for how to dial down the customer’s fear of making a purchase mistake.
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Driven by insights from the best-selling book, The JOLT Effect, learn the skills to help you and your team overcome buyer indecision. Educate yourself on the tactics you can use to defeat the status quo and win more deals, all with the help of research-based techniques applied to Winning by Design’s Recurring Revenue Operating Model (ROM).


Course format


  • Mid-market and enterprise level AEs (and their managers) handling opportunities through close
  • SDRs rising into an AE role
  • 4 hours live instruction; one 2-hour session each week
  • Delivered via Zoom video conferenceExclusive access to blueprints, videos, and exercises
  • Industry-recognized certification
  • Maximum number of learners: 200

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Learners engage with their certified Trainer in an experiential learning format, with 4 hours of live instruction including role plays, breakouts, and recurring revenue frameworks applied to real-world situations. Each learner receives access to our learning management platform for concept reinforcement through videos and frameworks.

Week 1:
Judge the Indecision & Offer Your Recommendation

Module 1
Identifying & Disqualifying by Indecision

Prioritize your pipeline based on types of indecision to help your customers achieve impact now, or choose to prioritize other opportunities.

Module 2
Offer Your Recommendation

Enterprise sellers influence through combining techniques from many types of customer interactions. Find root cause problems, and help your customer see how they can solve it.

Week 2:
Limit Exploration & Take Risk Off the Table

Module 3
The Power of Limited Choices

Apply persona-based objection-management based on their why and how to create options that drive action and reduce fear.

Module 4
Take Risk Off the Table

How to dial down the customer’s FOMU (Fear of Messing Up) of making a purchase mistake. See it in action - real-world examples - why it works in some contexts vs others and how to know if you’re doing it right.

To learn more about the instructors and curriculum, visit the Winning By Design course website.