Customer Success for Impact

Master how to manage the customer relationship after the initial sale, with specific techniques to bring recurring impact to your customers.
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Why should I take this course?

Learn the skills required to bring recurring impact to your customers with every interaction, resulting in recurring revenue for your business. Understand the key moments that matter across the customer journey, how to apply customer-centric principles at each phase, and how to grow and expand your customer accounts.

By the end of the course, you will be well equipped to proactively manage and grow your accounts.


Course Format


  • CSMs and Account Managers who are responsible for customer account management and account growth
  • 8 hours live instruction; one 2-hour session each week
  • Delivered via Zoom video conference
  • Exclusive access to blueprints, videos, and exercises
  • Industry-recognized certification
  • Maximum number of learners: 25

Course Schedule

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Learners engage with their certified Trainer in an experiential learning format, with 8 hours of live instruction including role plays, breakouts, and recurring revenue frameworks applied to real-world situations. Each learner receives access to our learning management platform for concept reinforcement through videos and frameworks.

Week 1:
The SaaS Method for Customer Success

Module 1
The SaaS Method for Customer Success

Explore how sales has changed and the moments that matter in the customer’s journey, including First Value and Full Value.

Module 2
Diagnosis Across the Customer Journey

Discover how to speak the same language across your organization (as it relates to customer success) and summarize opportunities through the diagnostic framework, SPICED.

Module 3
The Science of Effective Communication

Interactions: Illustrate effective communication with customers based on tone, active listening and techniques that open up a conversation.

Week 2:

Module 4
The Structure of Executive Customer Calls

Identify how to effectively open calls to capture attention and set the stage for a productive meeting, increasing impact and the CSM’s executive presence.

Module 5
How to Ask Great Questions

Demonstrate how to craft and ask questions to help customers articulate desired impact. Explore techniques on how to “go deeper” and navigate unexpected responses.

Module 6
First Value & Getting to Impact

Orchestrate a plan to make your customers successful by aligning their goals with a timeline to achieve desired impact.

Week 3:
Storytelling & Impact Review

Module 7
Leading Strong Impact Reviews

Conduct Executive Business Reviews with stakeholders throughout their customer journey to uncover opportunities for
more impact.

Module 8
How to Share a Compelling Storytelling

Share stories to influence customers and help them see new impact opportunities without pitching.

Week 4:
Expanding the Partnership

Module 9
Difficult Conversations

Balance empathy with action to turn negative conversations into something productive to deepen the customer relationship.

Module 10
Managing Save Plays based on Trigger Events

Apply a Save Play based on a triggered event or conversation that could put the customer relationship at risk.

Module 11
Engaging Decision Makers

Identify how to get past blockers and deepen relationships with stakeholders and executives to grow the partnership.

To learn more about the instructors and curriculum, visit the Winning By Design course website.